How to Tell if Your Roofing Contractor is Dependable

Just like interviewing applicants for a new job, choosing a roofing contractor should be done carefully, meticulously. You should screen them with utmost care and pay attention to the qualities they have, what they can offer, and their professional qualities.


Since being practical is one of the priorities of most homeowners wanting to have their roof installed or fixed right away, it can be very easy to be convinced to hire the roofing contractors with the lowest rates or the roofing contractor that ‘seems’ very qualified talking about the jobs they have worked on – but these are not enough – you have to see some important proof before you finally sign that working contract.


So, how can you tell if the roofing contractor is dependable and has what it takes to do the job smoothly and properly?


One of the first things you should be looking for before you hire a roofing contractor is proper documents. Look for proof of insurance such as general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Not only that, you also have to check if the contractor has the necessary license and certification. No matter how seemingly knowledgeable they are, you have to see the actual documents yourself.


A reliable roofing contractor should also have a stable company with an actual office and official telephone number where you can personally pay a visit for business purposes.


A list of previous clients – satisfied clients, that is – is another sign that the roofing contractor is a good, reliable one.


A significant amount of time being in the business is something you should look for as well before hiring a contractor for your roof. Along with this experience should be a good professional record. There shouldn’t be any case filed against them on BBB.


You don’t expect the roofing contractor to complete the entire job himself/herself, so a reliable contractor should have around a crew of 4 to 5 people working with him (depending on the size of the job) to ensure that the job would be completed faster.

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