Fire Resistant Roofing Materials

Most of us choose our roofing materials thinking about possible elements that could damage it: rain, snow, hail, and strong winds. Many of us forget about another dangerous thing we should be testing our roofs against – fire.


Sure, you are thinking that you live far away from areas susceptible to wildfires, your children are all grown up and no one is bound to play with fire inside your household – in short, it’s very unlikely for you to encounter any cases of fire. But the truth is, anything can happen, and, sometimes, accidents do happen.


This is why you should know about the fire resistant capabilities of each of the roof materials commonly used in most houses today to find out which roofing material you should consider using for your own home.


Wood shingles and wood shake shingles – Since wood is an extremely flammable material, you can’t really count on it to protect your home from fire. A fire could easily spread once it reaches wooden items such as wood shingles or wood shake shingles. While these wooden roofing materials look gorgeous in your home, they are not the best choice if steering clear of fire is what you are aiming for.


Asphalt shingles – Another popular choice for roofs, asphalt shingles can have some fire-resistant properties, depending on the materials used when it was manufactured. Asphalt shingles with fiberglass components are not that easy to catch fire.


Clay or concrete tiles – Virtually fire resistant, you can depend on clay or concrete tiles to provide you with peace of mind that it will not be burned. Although, if your home is made of wood, if the structure supporting the roof gets burned, clay or concrete tiles may fall in, especially because of their heavy weight.


Metal roof – Of all the roofing materials, a metal roof could give you the best protection against fire because it is extremely resistant to fire.

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